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FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You are by far the best group we have had the pleasure of hearing. Whatever you were paid for tonight's performance was not nearly enough for the enjoyment you brought to all of us. Please add us to your mailing list...we can't wait to have our friends hear you.
Nita & Ed A, Englewood, FL

How do you describe the 60's, man? Tonight this group will define that experience - the movement, the time, the revolution, the freedom, the culture...all in the music. Tonight this "joint" is the place to be. Would you welcome...the Ultimate 60's Experience...Yesterdayze!
ABC News & Entertainment personality Al Knight - WSBR AM 740, 96.9 FM, and 103.9 FM iHeart Radio, West Palm Beach, FL


I think that you all are doing a great job, and I can see how much you enjoy making this good, good music....along with that, you are very friendly and welcoming! Love to see you, wherever and whenever you are around...thanks for making people's life better!
Esther D, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

You guys rock them wherever you go - fantastic job!
Lloyd M, Grand Junction, CO

First of all I want to thank you for doing a great job for us. I've been booking Main Street since it started and you are the first band that recognized Dick Hall Productions Inc. I know it didn't matter to the audience, if they even heard the comment, but it shows a bit of professionalism that doesn't seem to be present with the younger bands of today. It's good to see that there are still bands who are true professionals. I'm sure we will work together in the future.
D Hall, Bradenton, FL

Hi! Love your music! Was wondering if your March 2013 schedule is available. We live in The Villages and are having guests in March - we want to plan their visit around your Villages schedule. Please let me know when you have a chance so they can book their plane tickets! Thank you!
Joyce N, The Villages, FL

NIRVANA IN BOZEMAN! Kudos! I attended all four evening sets in Bozeman and am still amazed at what a good experience it was! Wish I could beam myself to Minnesota! Come back next year!
Arnold S, Bozeman, MT

Well, we finally got to see, hear, and dance to Yesterdayze. The vote is in. Definitely worth the wait! Musically, you guys are terrific. So many great old songs. Even the ones we didn't dance to were wonderful to listen to. All your covers are very true to the originals so we always knew where to throw in our freezes, breaks, tricks, endings, etc. And then the personal bonus for me! Grace Slick personified on stage! MaryLu just so nailed both "White Rabbit" and "Somebody To Love." Wonderful to hear and dance to. Please give her an extra thank-you from us for that. We look forward to the next time we fall under the influence of Yesterdayze.
Rick L, Orlando, FL

It is always our pleasure to work with such top shelf professional musicians. "Yesterdayze" is a phenomenal band and we look forward to working with you many more times. You all know how to get the crowd going!
Gregory H, Mojoe Productions, Bradenton, FL

We have heard you before and think you are the greatest of all the 60's groups.
Tom M, New Port Richey, FL

Caught your show at the Sarasota County Fair. Enjoyed it immensely. Better than a concert we just paid $50.00 to attend.
Cathie S, Sarasota, FL

My parents love you guys, and I think they are becoming groupies!
Kimberly S, New York, NY

ARE YOU KIDDING??? You rocked. Had nothing but positives for Yesterdayze. We want you back!
Penny E, Florida Blueberry Festival, Brooksville, FL
("Thank you so much for playing at the First Annual Florida Blueberry Festival in downtown Brooksville! Our entertainment committee processed more applications than we ever thought we would receive! We listened to all of the entertainment and then independent of one another brought our individual favorites to the committee. Yesterdayze was at the top of our list! You did not disappoint us! You were even better than we could have expected!! Get ready! The 2nd Annual Florida Blueberry Festival is in the planning stages and we are hoping to see your dynamic smiling faces!! Thanks so much for helping make our festival a success!" For the Entertainment Committee, Penny Erick)

Y'all were awesome at the Florida State Fair!
Lorraine M, St. Petersburg, FL

You guys are so cool - I feel the magic!
Ruby C, Riverview, FL

My husband Bob and I enjoyed your 8-18 performance in Stromsburg NE. It was also our 46th wedding anniv. We were married in '66, left NE to join the military. We ended up in bay area of SF for 10 years. Your concert was a great "trip" on our 46th! Thanks! God Bless! We hope you return to entertain again in NE...the people here are wonderful!
Avis B, Stromsburg, NE

We weren't at Woodstock, but after last night we felt like we were! This band is on fire! Absolutely the best 60's anthology band on the planet...hands down! Thanks for an unforgettable experience!
William A, Daytona Beach, FL

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed tonite's performance at the Venice Theatre. Your energy, enthusiasm and love of 60's music was contagious!
Mary K, Venice, FL

Mike D, Bloomington, IN

It was an amazing show. We were so happy to have you join us. We have received calls complimenting you, we rarely get that with our Third Thursday bands.
Christina F, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL

Hello Yesterdayze, great show last night! It's about time they had a band with music my wife and I REALLY LIKE.....It was great to see so many people having so much fun.
Bill & Susan P, The Villages, FL

Thanks again for a great performance at Springfest, I will see y'all again in October. Heading home to Canada in a couple days! Keep On Rockin'!
David S, Ontario, Canada

Saw your show twice at the South Florida Fair... EXCELLENT, LOVED THE HIGH ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM!
Lawrence W, W. Palm Beach, FL

Enjoyed the show today at Manatee County Fair.
Pam W, Palmetto, FL

Great gig at Rocktoberfest! Really enjoyed the band.
Troy P, Seminole, FL

Your music is great. Good group.
Dee D, Greensboro, NC

Was at Katie Bells tonight, your band Rocks! Music was great...Thanks!
Susan R, The Villages, FL

Thanks for the time travel and I hope you enjoy these photos!
Gen H, Sarasota, FL

Hi! Here is the picture of the band with our son, Sawyer, the boogy oogy machine! :) Thanks for talking to him, he had a great time! I really have to get the kid a piano or a guitar, he LOVES music!
Miranda B, Bozeman, MT

Thank you for making SE, Inc. proud! A job well done brings back customers which I truly appreciate.
Pat F, Strictly Entertainment, Tampa, FL
("Pat - went great - Yesterdayze as always was Fab J." Linda M, Fishawk Ranch, Lithia, FL)

I recently saw you at the Lakewood Ranch Main Street Event and you were fantastic. I would like to be put on your mailing list of when and where you may be playing next.
Lynne W, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Great group, fabulous music, and entertainment for ALL occasions.
Dennis L, Memphis, TN

We were at the concert at the Van Wezel and think you are TERRIFIC! We had also seen you at Mixon's, which is when we got hooked! Thanks for a great time. It felt like a mini Woodstock -- not that we were at the original Woodstock. Just a lot of fun, memories, and great talent.
Arlene K, Sarasota, FL

We just heard your band tonight at "The Villages" Lake Sumter and want you to know we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Boy, did you ever take us back in time! We will definitely contact our entertainment center and let them know they need to get you back!!!!! Great job and thanks for a wonderful evening.
Paulette W, The Villages, FL

Hi Guys...Saw you at the CLE in Thunder Bay. You're so good we had to go back a second time (Friday & Saturday). Hope to see you again. Say, the Grand Portage Casino, Grand Portage MN has a 50's 60's 70's blast called Retro Days the last weekend in June. You should be THERE!!!!
Ross & Susan B, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I met you at the Volusia County Fair last night (11/4) after your set. Wow. What great memories the band brought back! The band is really great and I look forward to hearing you again. Thanks for the great evening, it was a nice surprise.
Trish S, Orange City, FL

Hi, I have seen your show at Van Wezel, which was fantastic. I am planning to go to the Lakewood Ranch event.
Kathryn F, Sarasota, FL

Loved your rockin' gig at Lake Sumter Landing at the New Cars Show on Saturday, Nov. 12! How could anyone NOT like your music?? :)
Bev S, The Villages, FL

Sure enjoyed listening to you all at the Billings, MT fair. Totally enjoyed relaxing in the shade and listening to such excellent renditions of those great 60's tunes we enjoyed then and still enjoy now. Hope the rest of your summer is full of fun and nice times to remember.
Amy G, Billings, MT

I had the first-time pleasure of hearing you last night on Main Street and would like to know where you'll be performing in the future. Thanks for entertaining us!
Sue S, Lakewood Ranch, FL

First time we saw you and look forward to your next performance. Keep jammin!
Molly & Jay B, The Villages, FL

You guys were everything and more than we hoped for.
Jim D, Tree Hugger 60's Fest, Nokomis, FL

I really loved the music you played in Thunder Bay. Even tho I was born in 1959, I have liked the 50's & 60's music for yrs now.
Barb R, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I saw your band on Friday night, Sept. 5th in Lakewood Ranch. I had so much fun and I enjoyed the wide spread of music...pleasantly surprised with Hendrix and Santana!
Noreen R, Sarasota FL

Thanks for a great night of rock 'n you all!
Rachel K, Ruskin, FL

Hi folks, got this pic while you were at Selby Gardens last week...thanks for the great concert!
Jeff A, Geneva, NY

My husband and I really enjoyed your great band last night at Lake Sumter Landing. Boy! You really brought back memories! Thanks for a wonderful night. Sure hope you play there again soon. We need you!
Donna S, The Villages, FL

This group is the best rock and roll group you will ever go to see. They cover all old tunes that I love from my young years all the oldies!!!! They are great.
Tim C, Port Charlotte, FL

Had the pleasure of hearing you for the first time today at Flounders. We had an awesome time... you guys are really good. Great food, beautiful weather and fantastic music equals LIFE IS GOOD!
Judy M, Baltimore, MD

Last night at a jam-packed Venice Theater, the children of music's greatest generation were throwin' up the peace signs and joinin' in the chorous...
How apropos that, on the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Festival weekend, our beloved Yesterdayze escorted us, once again, back to the Strawberry Fields of tender youth....
"It'll do you no harm, might do you some good!!"
Andy S, Rotonda, FL

It was such a fun evening with great songs that brought back many wonderful memories of days gone by!! The group was awesome!
Connie J, Englewood, FL

You guys were fantastic at the SAHS 50th Class Reunion in Charleston! Great memories we'll never forget - next time you come we need to have signs all over town!
Stephanie R, St Albans, WV

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed both seeing you again and the GREAT show put on by your incredible band. Know that we wish you safe travels and much success. Hope we can hook up with you again very soon!

Larry R, Pittsboro, NC


Love you so much!!! You guys were amazing

Faith B, Powhatan, VA